Whether you choose transparent or coloured, round or pointed, large or small, all our files have the following benefits:

  • Gentle care for your nails during manicure
  • High efficiency during pedicure
  • Easily attained hygiene – files can be washed and sterilised
  • Unlimited durability of filing surface – no more dropped filings
  • High durability and long-term use make our files environmentally friendly
  • Versatility – for personal and professional manicure and pedicure, for pet-care or perhaps modelling

Shape and size

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  • The basic file shapes have not changed over the last 20 years. Why change something that is simple, nice, and functional?
  • The highest proportion in our production portfolio is taken by 13.5 cm pointed files made from 2mm thick glass, followed by 9 cm files, which easily fit into a purse.
  • For safe use on our youngsters’ nails, we offer children’s files with round ends.
  • That’s not all, though. In the image, you can see an overview of all standard shapes and sizes. The code indicates the file’s shape (pointed or round) / length / thickness / the number of filing surfaces (one-sided or double-sided).

Decoration and personalisation

To make a file functional, but also nice and interesting, or to make it suitable for your promotion, we offer a number of different decorations and personalisation options:


We decorate more than a half of the manufactured files with a spray of one or more colours. We use waterborne glass coatings, these are not only resistant to scratching and damage caused by nail polish, but also to temperatures up to 150 °C and repeated dish washer use. Naturally, they are all harmless. You can choose from basic hues, but we can also mix a tone by your request based on specifications in the Pantone sample book. .


On files we most commonly print our retailers’ brand logos or company logos which serve as a promotion tool. For printing we use screen printing, pad printing, and modern digital technologies. We always choose a solution suitable for the given application. We will make a print preview for you in accordance with your graphic requirements and specifications, and after your confirmation we prepare samples on request or immediately start manufacturing. The file colours as well as the printed logo are available in hues as per the Pantone sample book.


Sandblasting is generally a very effective method of decorating that gives the files an exclusive look. It is a relatively complicated technique which consists of a range of operations and since it is largely a manual type of work, it is time-consuming.


Hand-paining is a traditional glass decorating technique. Our experienced painters prepare a motif at your request or we can suggest our own. For painting we use harmless glass colours. Hand-painting can also be combined with printing, in which case the underpaint simplifies and speeds up the painting process, however it retains the hand-paint’s character.

Crystal components

Crystal components from Czech and world manufacturers will elevate the file to the level of fashion accessories. One stone can complement a printed logo, more stones make a up a complete design.


Naturally, for each file shape and size we offer appropriate sheaths. The top-selling ones are plastic sheaths with a transparent case with a white or black film backside. We only supply sheaths from quality PVC films from Czech manufacturers which meet the high standards of toy manufacturers’ norms. Velveteen sheaths from European manufacturers are another variant. All our supplied sheaths are made in the Czech Republic and are precisely manufactured.

Filing surface

The files we produce have soft, and yet highly functional surface, which is gentle on your nails and help to prevent nail splitting.

Roughening is a chemical procedure that is done directly inside the glass and that’s why it prevents abrasive filings from dropping as can often occur in the case of metal, paper, or cheaper variants of glass files where abrasive grains are fixed on the surface.
The surface roughness is determined by the glass type itself and that’s why it is not greatly modifiable. In order to offer files with varied roughness, for their production we use structured surface glass. This method is particularly used to manufacture products suitable for pedicure and men´s manicure. The picture shows a microscopic close-up of our file’s surface


The raw material for our files is sheet glass, which is made from natural resources – glass sand, soda, limestone, and dolomite. It is harmless and it is the same glass as you have in your windows and doors around you. The glass used for manufacturing is sufficiently tough on its own, but to further enhance firmness and durability, during the final stage of the manufacturing process, we harden the finished files using the Ion exchange method.

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