We are a family business founded more than 20 years ago. We became interested in the production of glass files as one of the first in the world due to the fact that the business founder Jan Turina MSc. was directly involved in this product’s development. He is also the author of the idea of making glass files using the current method.

Our team

Jan Turina M.Arch

Production and Commercial Manager

Jitka Vegrichtová

Project Manager

Jan Turina MSc

Business founder, and Technical Consultant

Martina Kumpánová Hlaváčová


Where and how we manufacture

Since 2006 we have been based in the premises of the Městec Králové glassworks where the production has a team of 25 people. On this site, file manufacturing takes place from start to finish – large glass sheets are imported and from there the ready files are exported all over the world.

We support

We support the following organisations under our social responsibility:

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