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SOFIT Trade. s. r. o.
K. H. Borovského 548
289 03 Městec Králové
Czech republic

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SOFIT - Producer

SOFIT® company was established in Poděbrady, a town with a very long glass manufacturing tradition. Glass has been produced here since 19th century. The company was established in 1991 and originally specialized for projection and manufacturing of machinery especially for use in the glass industry.

We started production of glass nail files in 1998, and were one of the first in the world to produce on a large scale. Jan Turina – founder of the company has directly participated on the birth of this unique product and he is also the author of the idea to produce the glass nail file by the current method of acid etching.

Since 1998 company has been continuously growing and successfully overcame the start of glass nail files production. Further development and improvement of technologies continued in following years. Today SOFIT® belongs to the biggest producer of glass nail files worldwide.  

In 2006 the copany has moved its production to a reconstructed glass grinding and polishing plant in Městec Králové, which was originaly found in 1924.

Despite quite rapid growth, company is still in family hands and offers only the best products.

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